We are a community portal & relationships platform.

not a third-party operator.

Our global alliance is for independent owners of alternative accommodations.

You keep full control of your property.

not a chain or franchise.

Our global brand is a stamp-of-approval & storytelling studio for your brand.

You keep full control of your brand.


Our cooperative model allows us to share decision-making – and profits – with hosts.

You are an owner of StayAltered.

Our 3 P's

Our 3 P’s are more than just our selection criteria we all must meet & the quality standards we all agree to maintain.
Our 3 P’s are our universal principles uniting us all on our journey from traditional hospitality ↗ meaningful hospitality.

Caring ↗ Compassionate

Active ↗ Proactive Hospitality
Inclusive ↗ Integrative Beliefs
Cooperative ↗ Collaborative Systems

Personal ↗ Purposeful

Inspirational ↗ Impactful Design
Joyful ↗ Nourishing Experiences
Learning ↗ Thriving Opportunities

Healthy ↗ Harmonious

Responsibility ↗ Solidarity Society
Restorative ↗ Regenerative Environments
Egalitarian ↗ Equitable Communities

Infinitely Unique

We celebrate our “je ne sais quoi” – the infinitely unique ways we express our own hospitality. We do not give any operating manuals, nor impose any hospitality policies. By fiercely protecting what makes our hosts unique, we protect our promise to our guests:

No two stays will ever be the same.