StayAltered champions our alternative spirit.

  • Our 3 P’s
  • No 2 Alike
  • 1 Family

We are all united.

Our 3 P's

Our 3 P’s are more than just our selection criteria we all must meet & the quality standards we all agree to maintain.
Our 3 P’s are our universal principles uniting us all on our journey from traditional hospitality ↗ meaningful hospitality.

Caring ↗ Compassionate

Active ↗ Proactive Hospitality
Inclusive ↗ Integrative Beliefs
Cooperative ↗ Collaborative Systems

Personal ↗ Purposeful

Inspirational ↗ Impactful Design
Joyful ↗ Nourishing Experiences
Learning ↗ Thriving Opportunities

Healthy ↗ Harmonious

Responsibility ↗ Solidarity Society
Restorative ↗ Regenerative Environments
Egalitarian ↗ Equitable Communities

We are all unique.

No 2 Alike

We celebrate our “je ne sais quoi” – the infinitely unique ways we express our own hospitality. We do not give any operating manuals, nor impose any hospitality policies. By fiercely protecting what makes our hosts unique, we protect our promise to our guests:

No two stays will ever be the same.


1 Family

StayAltered is the first hospitality company owned in solidarity by our hosts, our workers, our guests & our neighbors.

Our Workers


Silvia Pisci 🇳🇱🇮🇹
Head of Host Community
Lived in
China, Israel, Italy, Netherlands & Peru
Nicola Steenkamp 🇿🇦
Head of Host Empowerment
Lived in
South Africa & Thailand
Evan Tzeng 🇺🇸
Founder & Organizer
Lived in
Mexico, Myanmar, Taiwan & United States


Andrea Diamond 🇮🇱🇨🇦
Host & Community Operations
Simon Kopec 🇺🇸🇨🇴
Marketing Director
Aman Resorts
Chan Tran 🇺🇸
Internal Communications
Mike Trapanese 🇺🇸🇮🇹
Behrens Investment Group
Chance Tseng 🇺🇸🇹🇼
Bowman and Brooke

Alexandra Karam & Franchesca Karam (Casa Pancha), Mauricio Fermat (Perro Surfero), Darren Overby (Pacific Tradewinds)

Tyler Bates, Sam Beller, Thalia Clark, Brian Fiore-Silfvast, Carolina de Marchi Martins Gonçalez, Katharine Lotz, Taylor McKnight, Riyadh Mohammed, Kasia Janczura Mohammed


Jake Nash, Jessica Nemire, Frances Yang


Rossella Rubini

Special Thanks

Corinne Aparis, Melanie Susanne Ausman, Devynn Barnes, Dr. Sandra Dreisbach, Charlotte Hall, Leigh Ann Pedone, Mike Savas, Elizabeth Tilton, Rosie Willan, Edward Zaydelman

Our Guests

We will announce details for our Guest Advisory Council soon. Stay tuned!

Our Neighbors


Our values-aligned impact investors believe in both our purpose & our theory of change – what we do & how we do what we do.


Please email we (at) stayaltered (dot) com with “Investment Opportunities” in the subject line & we’ll follow up within 48-72 hours.


Our partners build our cooperative capacity so we can better unite, empower & celebrate our hosts.



Please email we (at) stayaltered (dot) com with “Partnership Opportunities” in the subject line & tell us how you can help!


We are proud to support organizations improving the social, economic & environmental well-being of our host communities.



Please email we (at) stayaltered (dot) com with “Beneficiary Opportunities” in the subject line & tell us how we can help you!