We – the independent hosts of inspiring, incredible & impactful places to stay – launched Altered so we could gain the trust of a global brand & the global reach of an OTA without giving up our freedom, data & revenue.

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Join our community for free as an Ally.

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Ale & Fran

Ask us about:
How we integrate wellness programs into our urban hotel-hostel hybrid.

Spanish, Lebanese, English.


Ask me about:
How I created a pay-it-forward pricing model for my guests.

Italian, English.


Ask me about:
How to scale your hospitality brand to multiple cities.

Taiwanese, Mandarin, English.

Juan Carlos

Ask me about:
How our company shares ownership with local communities.

Spanish, English.


Ask me about:
How to build a hostel from the ground-up in remote destinations.

Burmese, Mandarin.

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Choose your adventure:
Anchor or Ambassador.

We deliver you more profitable bookings. Not just through our own channels – we optimize your direct channels & your presence on all of the other channels out there.

This is our Altered way of doing business.


Community Data

  • Global travel data & trends.
  • Altered Bookings

  • Apply to list your place on StayAltered.com.
  • Keep 85% of your bookings.
  • Anchor

    Community Data

  • Market-specific travel data & trends.
  • Altered Bookings

  • List your place on StayAltered.com.
  • Keep 85-95% of your bookings.
  • Brand

  • Apply for Altered brand license.
  • REvenue (Basic)

  • Support from revenue team to support channel optimization.
  • Ambassador

    Community Data

  • Personalized & property-level data & trends with quarterly guidance.
  • Altered Bookings

  • Feature your place on StayAltered.com.
  • Keep 90-100% of your bookings.
  • Brand

  • Rights to Altered brand license.
  • Revenue (Premium)

  • Dedicated revenue specialist for dynamic pricing through all your channels.
  • Distribution

    You gain all of our powerful global distribution services below...

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    Unlock the power of Altered distribution.

    Market everywhere. Manage everything.

    Transform your business with our scalable & integrated suite of global distribution services. Gain a powerful team who fights for your rights to maximize your revenue & take back control of your own data.

    Altered Global Brand Marketing & Media Partnerships

    Altered Guest Profile Intelligence & Data Services

    Mobile-First Reservations & Payments Platform

    Guest Experience & Strategy Consulting

    Business Operations & Growth Consulting

    Altered Impactful Travel Rewards Program (Coming Soon!)


    We are greater independent & stronger together.