Slowness Himalayas

Experience serenity and a leisurely pace in this stunning stone house nestled within a rural Himalayan village.

At this farmstay in Nainital, embrace slowness and silence

Have a slow and tranquil stay at Slowness Himalayas Nanital

Inspiring People

We are a 100% family-owned business

We are mindful of the ecological sensitivities in the area and strive to immerse themselves into the local community by sharing the indigenous knowledge and supporting local neighbours.

  • In 2019, Kriti and Ashish left Delhi in 2019 to pursue their dream of living on a permaculture farm in the mountains.
  • They celebrate Slow & Conscious Living and share with guests looking to reconnect with nature and living at nature’s pace, promoting sustainable living.
  • The small staff comprises of local people from the villages nearby
  • Sustainability is at the core everything at Slowness.
  • Permaculture principles of earth care, people care, and fair share guide their operations at Slowness

Kriti and Ashish

Altered Host Member

A visionary couple who left their city life behind to pursue a slow life in the mountains. Their passion and work has been widely recognised by multiple leading national publications

Incredible Place

an idyllic retreat inspired by the local traditional Kumaoni architecture

  • There are 4 rooms with en-suite bathrooms set over 2 stories
  • The rooms are well insulated to keep cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • They’ve included a traditional architectural feature of cavities in the roof for birds to nest and rest in.
  • The Moon Cafe serves fresh food and juices that are seasonal, organic and locally produced on the farm.
  • Guests can participate in learning more about the food and cooking with various plants.
  • Tour of the permaculture farm to learn about the Himalayan flora and fauna.
  • Workshops on wild clay pottery or natural dyes
  • Guests are encouraged to soak up the views of the surrounds and mountains through forest bathing, relaxing in the hammocks on the farm, and going on village walks and hikes.
  • Dhokane waterfalls

Impactful Planet

Everything about Slowness Himalayas is centered around living one with nature and the land.

We want guests to reconnect with nature and living at nature’s pace, promoting sustainable living.

  • We grow our food in our permaculture farm
  • Our permaculture farm ensures they are self-sufficient and most of the food served at Moon Cafe is directly sourced from our farm. It is as fresh as it can get
  • We have only used natural building materials used throughout the farm, such as bamboo, stone and soil.
  • There is no plastic use on the farm
  • We use solar energy for lighting and live seasonally to ensure minimal environmental impact

Our Location

Located in the serene and tranquil village of Basgaon


Slowness Himalayas, Basgaon, Uttarakhand 263135, India

  • Basgaon is a picturesque village located near Nainital, known for its serene charm, lush landscapes, and a close-knit community that offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life




Slowness Himalayas