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Inspiring creativity, and nurturing connections with nature and self in the beautiful island of Ko Yao Noi

Incredible Place

Cabin (Cottage / Bungalow / Hut) Coliving Beach Forest

An extraordinary haven where guests are encouraged to unleash their creativity amidst serene surroundings

We offer various tools and technical equipment to cater to creative nomads, such as a greenscreen, box lights, digital displays, a digital drawing tablet, a 3D printer, an acoustic guitar and loop pedal, a Dremel and handcrafting tools, and basic art and paint supplies.

There are a variety of sights and activities to do on or around Koh Yao Noi. Here are 12 things to try:

1. Explore the beaches and hidden coves surrounding the island
2. Find the sunrise and sunset viewpoints between Tha Khao and Laem Sai
3. Join a traditional Muay Thai class coached by champion fighters
4. Go rock climbing with a local, knowledgeable guide
5. Enjoy a cooking class from a local island chef
6. Discover the rare Hornbill and other birds of the island
7. Stroll through the rice fields and say hello to a buffalo
8. Visit the coconut farm and enjoy a fresh coconut
9. Eat at the numerous restaurants and cafés that offer local delicacies
10. Relax with a massage, sit in meditation, or try sound bowl therapy
11. Hop on a long-tail boat tour around Phang Nga Bay
12. Join a PADI diving class or course


The rooms at Jaiyen are made of local bamboo, steel, and cement. Inspired by observing ants using curved leaves as shelter, the cocoons were constructed directly on-site and shaped like a dome, so guests feel embraced in a curved pod rather than being boxed in by the flat walls of urban design. One of the cocoons is an enclosed workspace, ideal for quiet work or focused calls, movie nights, and the occasional video game night.

The pavilion is an open space where reception is conducted, meals are served, and guests are free to work or play. The outdoor gym is open 24/7 to cater to most fitness needs. There is no heavy or noisy machinery – just free weights and kettle bells, a bench press, a squat rack, gymnastics rings, and other equipment for functional fitness. We have a hot & cold spa, a hot stone sauna, and a steam room, however, we only operate these upon request to keep the energy usage low.



Jaiyen started as an idea to create pods for creatives where we could live and work with each other… what was once a napkin note in 2006 turned into a sketch in 2015, and eventually the real thing in 2018.

Mission & Vision

Jaiyen Eco-resort offers more than just a place to stay; it’s a transformative experience where guests are welcomed as friends and family. Through deep conversations and introspection, visitors realign with nature and evaluate their role in the human collective. The resort actively engages with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), fostering collaboration on projects to address global challenges. By encouraging awareness of local customs, fostering cultural exchange, and promoting sustainable habits, Jaiyen empowers guests to leave with a greater impact on the world around them.

Inspiring People

Good for Couples Good for Groups Cultural / Creative Escape / Off-Grid

Everything at Jaiyen is designed with the intention to help visitors to experience what their soul most needs


Kevin & Shela

Altered Host Member

After going through their own journeys of discovery, Kevin and Shela wanted to create a space where they could bridge the physical and digital worlds in harmony. Through Jaiyen they want like-minded people to come together and turn their dreams into reality​

Host since ...


We speak ...

Thai, Italian, English, Tagalog

We have lived in...

Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand

Guests, ask us about...

We inspire our guests to bring what makes them uniquely amazing humans and amplify their creativity to shine back into the world beyond the local community. We are locally owned and operated, and we invite those who are intentional in their desire to make a positive impact to connect with us.

We also conduct occasional workshops and introduce other mindful modalities for people to explore and expand upon in their internal journey.

Impactful Planet

We are very mindful of the impact we have on the natural environment


We employ 8 local staff members who are residents of the island and understand the culture, climate and community best. We encourage our guests to leave places better than they found them.

We have a plant-based menu to minimize our impact on animal life, and separate our garbage, recycle materials, and compost food scraps.
We don’t use plastic water bottles and are a host site for Trash Hero, hosting regular beach cleanups. Ingredients are local, home-grown on the property, depending on the season, or via local farmers and grocers. We import anything special/western from the most natural or sustainable resources available that we can find.

Our Location

An tranquil island nestled in the Phang Nga Bay, renowned for its untouched beauty


Jaiyen Resort 53/12/M7 An Pao Koh Yao Phang Nga 82160 Thailand