Phang Nga

Phang Nga

Jaiyen Eco Resort

a creative home away from home, built to refresh your mind, recharge your body, and renew your spirit

Inspiring People

Jaiyen started as an idea to create pods for creatives where we could live and work with each other

We inspire our guests to bring what makes them uniquely amazing humans and amplify their creativity to shine back into the world beyond the local community.

  • Jaiyen started as an idea to create pods for creatives where we could live and work with each other… what was once a napkin note in 2006 turned into a sketch in 2015, and eventually the real thing in 2018.
  • We employ 8 local staff members who are residents of the island and understand the culture, climate and community best.
  • Some of the staff have been trained by other establishments, others have learned on the job.
  • We look for teachability, drive, and trustworthiness when hiring, preferring problem solvers who will actively find a solution for any situation over shunning responsibility.
  • We have a plant-based menu to minimize our impact on animal life
  • We separate garbage, recycle materials, and compost food scraps
  • We are a host site for Trash Hero, hosting regular beach cleanups
  • We don’t use plastic water bottles and offer anyone free water refills
  • We encourage people to leave places better than they found them


Altered Host Member

After going through their own individual journeys of discovery, Kevin and Shela wanted to create a space where they could bridge the physical and digital worlds in harmony. Through Jaiyen, they want like-minded people to come together and turn their dreams into reality

Incredible Place

Koh Yao Noi is one of the last remaining outposts of traditional Thai island living that hasn't been overrun with unsustainable tourism.

  • The rooms at Jaiyen are made of local bamboo, steel, and cement. Inspired by observing ants using curved leaves as shelter, the cocoons were constructed directly on-site and shaped like a dome, so guests feel embraced in a curved pod rather than being boxed in by the flat walls of urban design
  • Each cocoon has energy-efficient air-conditioning, a king-size bed, a sofa bed, an ergonomic desk, hi-speed mesh WiFi, a Smart TV, blackout curtains, a walk-in robe and storage area, and an ensuite with eco-friendly amenities
  • The total internal space is a generous 70 sqm and the external deck is 35 sqm
  • Breakfast is included with all reservations, with á la carte selections from our plant-based menu. Lunch and Dinner are also available
  • We source our ingredients locally, home-grown on the property, depending on the season, or via local farmers and grocers. We import anything special/western, like Oat milk, Almond milk, Matcha, etc., from the most natural or sustainable resources available that we can find
  • We don’t advertise alcohol to be sensitive to local Muslim culture, but we can procure it, if desired
  • We don’t serve meat products, but support local restaurants who can deliver to the resort
  • The pavilion is an open space where reception is conducted, meals are served, and guests are free to work or play
  • The outdoor gym is open 24/7 to cater to most fitness needs. There is no heavy or noisy machinery – just free weights and kettle bells, a bench press, a squat rack, gymnastics rings, and other equipment for functional fitness
  • One of the cocoons is an enclosed workspace, ideal for quiet work or focused calls, content editing, movie nights, and the occasional Playstation or Nintendo games night
  • We have a hot & cold spa, a hot stone sauna, and a steam room, however, we only operate these upon request to keep the energy usage low. Being on a tropical island with a humid climate negates the need for these amenities, but they’re a nice-to-have for those who prefer staying on top of an optimal fitness regimen when traveling
  • We also offer various tools and technical equipment to cater to creative nomads, such as a greenscreen, box lights, digital displays, a digital drawing tablet, a 3D printer, an acoustic guitar and loop pedal, a Dremel and handcrafting tools, and basic art and paint supplies
  • Island hopping tours, cultural tours, cooking classes, yoga sessions, Muay Thai classes, scuba diving trips, rock climbing adventures, rent a scooter or bicycle, rent a kayak, or go on a hike

Impactful Planet

We’d like the Earth and its inhabitants to suffer as little as possible due to our business.

We encourage guests to be aware of local customs and culture, learn new perspectives, and develop new habits to have a greater impact on the world when they leave our space.

  • We employ local workers and contractors, support regional environmental conservation initiatives, and participate in various drives and donations that support education and animal conservation
  • We also host Trash Hero beach cleanups and offer water bottles for guests to use around the island instead of plastic bottles
  • We treat our guests as our friends and family, discussing topics that delve deep into their internal workings so as to realign with nature and evaluate their impact as part of the human collective
  • We also conduct occasional workshops and introduce other mindful modalities for people to explore and expand upon in their internal journey
  • We view self-care as a sacred ritual one can practice in many ways, seen or unseen, so we provide a safe space for individuals to explore what works best for them.
  • Our plant-based menu is a good foundation for healthy eating, our open spaces and proximity to nature enable grounding and connection with the earth, and the various recreational activities and books around the resort promote health and wellness.

Our Location

Pristine beaches that invite travelers to discover paradise off the beaten path


Jaiyen Resort 53/12/M7 An Pao Koh Yao Phang Nga 82160 Thailand

  • Go island hopping
  • Explore the island on a bicycle or scooter
  • Rest and play with the animals
  • Breathe in gratefulness while viewing the sunrise or sunset on any beach
  • Float in the warm sea and relax in the tropical water
  • Discover the Tha Khao waterfall or climb the sunset viewpoint
  • Chaba Café is a must-visit for healthy eating options
  • Tha Tondo Seafood restaurant has the best variety of local dishes 
  • La Luna has the best thin-crust pizza outside Italy (and they make great Thai dishes too)


Phang Nga

Phang Nga

Jaiyen Eco Resort