Barauli Community Homestay- community homestay network

Embrace the indigenous Tharu culture, witness exotic wildlife, and embark on thrilling safaris.

Inspiring People

The activities of Barauli Community Homestay are run by the local women of the Tharu Community

The initiative aims to uplift and empower the local women by involving them in hospitality and showcasing their integral role in the community's growth and success.

  • The accommodation and activities of Barauli Community Homestay are run by the local women of the Tharu Community. 
  • The homestay allows the Tharu women to cultivate valuable skills and confidence, and provides an independent source of income.

Community Homestay Network

Altered Host Member

Community Homestay Network (CHN) is a social enterprise that connect travelers with communities across Nepal, providing a unique opportunity to stay with Nepali families and immerse in real Nepali life.

Incredible Place

Experience immersive and authentic cultural exchange in a Nepalese village setting

  • The homestay has 14 private thatched-roof huts have ensuite bathrooms, along with slippers and free toiletries.
  • The cottages have traditional paintings reflecting Tharu culture and each cottage is named after the local woman who manages it.
  • The homestay cottages create a little village compound where you can enjoy the gardens and terrace to watch the livestock in the gardens.
  • There are accessible cottages with in-room and bathroom facilities on request.
  • Daily meals with organic and local ingredients are provided
  • Tharus are generation-age farmers and the food served is sourced from the surrounding land and community
  • Communal dining cultivates a strong sense of connection
  • Tour and ticket assistance
  • Free self parking on site

The experiences at this homestay are a combination of cultural learning with nature and wildlife-focused activities:

  • Cooking classes
  • Cycle tours to visit the local school and village
  • Guided village walk with local women
  • Boat tours & Fishing
  • Jungle Safari in Chitwan
  • Row or Canoe on Narayani River for bird-watching and nature
  • Evening Tharu Cultural performance and traditions
  • Enjoy watching the sunset in Terai over the serene land

Impactful Planet

we promote responsible and meaningful travel

We foster a cultural exchange, support local forest communities. We encourage guests to be mindful and respectful of the local people and the local wildlife

  • Barauli Community Homestay is located close to the Chitwan National Park where guests come to interact, connect and learn with local Tharu people to experience how nature and people coexist.
  • The homestay shares and celebrates Tharu culture, tradition, architecture, cuisine, delicacies and language to empower the local community.

  • The Koseli Project was started in 2020 to help tourism-dependent communities to sell local products in urban markets, which the Tharu women participate in.

Our Location

the gateway to experiencing Nepal's rich wildlife and natural beauty.


Barauli Community Homestay, Kumarwarti, Nepal

  • Barauli is a picturesque destination known for its tranquil ambiance, traditional Tharu culture
  • Close to Chitwan, yet away from the touristy environment




Barauli Community Homestay- community homestay network