Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

SoloAmigos Hostel

A vibrant hostel for adventurous souls to connect and unwind

Inspiring People

Our warm, welcoming atmosphere and language classes ensure you'll connect with fellow travelers effortlessly

We inspire our guests to channel their entrepreneurial spirit

  • I created this Business in Partnership with my long-time friend, with whom I dreamed of starting a hostel for years
  • The hostel is managed by my nephew who moved to Mexico with me, and started a property management company
  • The rest of the employees are all local to the Ixtapa region
  • We offer language programs for English and Spanish for our guests as well as our staff
  • We provide a space for our guests to work on their physical and mental wellbeing by offering fitness/yoga classes, spa treatments, and alternative medicine like Acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine

Incredible Place

Discover the ultimate tropical escape right in the heart of Ixtapa, Mexico

  • We have options for an 8 Bed mixed Room, 6 Bed Female Room, 6 Person private room with a king bed and 4 single beds, 2 person Nomad suite.
  • We are partnered with DosTios Cafe, which is directly under The hostel. Guests are given a discount on Gourmet Coffee, Smoothies, Pastries, Pizza and more
  • We also partner with a number of delicious local delivery services

Our Hostel has access to the following Free Amenities:

  • Co-working office
  • Outdoor dining/working spaces
  • Garden area
  • Pool with swim up bar/waterfall
  • Comfortable common rooms
  • Board games
  • Sun tanning chairs
  • Private parking
  • On property we offer Fitness classes, Language classes, Spa services, Health Services and a Garden area
  • There are 10+ Beaches within a 10 minute drive of The hostel
  • Go on a Mountain Jungle hike
  • Visit Ixtapa Island for a Beautiful Beach, and clear water for Snorkeling with the native fish
  • Visit the American Crocodile, Iguana, and Turtle Sanctuary at Playa Linda
  • Book a boat trip to snorkel, scuba dive, free dive, or catch your own fish (by rod or by spear gun) and have it cooked in front of you
  • Go on a tour of the local farms and learn about tropical agricultural
  • Take a tour of some Local Pre-Hispanic Ruins and learn about local culture and traditions
  • Watch sea turtles, lay their eggs at night and watch the eggs hatch (season depending)

Impactful Planet

We believe taking care of social well-being along with environmental

We believe in paying fair wages to our employees, we have carefully chosen our starting salary to be a livable wage, above that of many local businesses

  • We have relationships with many local businesses and community members- from tour guides and business owners, to volunteer workers and addiction counsellors.
  • We support and encourage our guests to learn from our Social Enterprise model of Business; where the primary goal is to create a net positive impact on whatever your passion is
  • We offer fitness classes, spa treatments, and health services all out of the same location as our hostel

Our Location

Pacific paradise with pristine beaches and lively coastal charm


SoloAmigos Hostel, C. de rabihorcados, P.º del Coacoyul Esq, 40880 Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Gro., Mexico

  • Visit the Nature Enclosure at playa Linda
  • Go for a Jungle mountain Hike
  • Visit some of the cleanest beaches in Mexico
  • Snorkeling/Fishing boat tour
  • Fishermans boardwalk in Zihuatanejo
  • Indigenous Ruins Tour
  • Dos Tios Cafe
  • Chilli Beans Restaurant
  • Smash Burgers
  • Cocina Las Primas
  • Mentiritas
  • Palo Zankas Ixtapa



Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

SoloAmigos Hostel