The Mudhouse Hostel

A unique eco-hostel in a small fishing village located in the lush region of Esmeraldas

Inspiring People

Our hostel is so much more than just a place to stay

We encourage our guests to engage with the local community. Whether it's through volunteering, attending cultural events, or supporting local businesses, these experiences can be profoundly inspiring.

  • We are 100% independently-owned
  • We are the second owners of the hostel
  • We have 2 staff members and 1 cleaning lady who is local and has worked here for years. We have a bartender who is also local and has been living here for 7 years now.
  • We always try to hire local people so we can help the community around us
  • We are an eco-hostel and we try to get all our guests to be as eco-friendly as possible.
  • It can be small things like encouraging them to buy water from refillable bottles, use the compost for leftover food, and so on 
  • We are also sustainable in the larger scale of using sustainable and local material for construction, sustainable water management practices etc.


Altered Host Member

After going on a world trip 14 months with his wife in 2012, Nout fell in love with travelling. The moment they started a family they chased their dream to run a hostel and live in a different country than the one where they grew up in. Mudhouse is that dream come true.

Incredible Place

Discover the enchanting nature of Ecuador

  • We have 2 private cabańas for 2 people, 1 private cabaña for a family of 4, a shared dorm for 8 people, a shared dorm for 4 people also possible to rent out with a family, a private double room, and a private bungalow with own entrance and kitchen
  • We don’t offer breakfast (yet) but we do have a big communal kitchen for everybody to use.
  • We have some snacks in the bar which are all homemade and prepared with local ingredients
  • We have a big yoga deck, a comfy lounge area in our bar, and hang chairs.
  • We have a television area with beanbags and all sport channels.

Impactful Planet

we continuously make an ongoing effort to protect the environment and make positive choices

Guests at The Mudhouse Hostel actively participate in the reduction of pollution generated by tourism with simple acts.

  • The Mudhouse Hostel is primarily built with a grown locally bamboo genus called Guadua
  • Other construction techniques known as EarthBags and False Tapial or Rammed earth were also implemented which use materials such as mud, lime, earth, sand, stones and wood
  • We practice a water recyling system. Gray water passes through a meander-type tank system containing three sludge handling compartments. With the addition of healthy bacteria to the compartments, the gray water is converted into a non-harmful white water for the environment
  • All gray water is passed through systems of portable and non-portable grease traps
  • The organic matter is collected (fruit and vegetable peelings from the kitchen, leaves and plant material from lawn clippings) and transformed into compost, which serves as fertilizer for our gardens
  • The natural ecosystem determines the actions taken by the Mudhouse Hostel. The hostel will always integrate their activity based on what is best for the environment, local and social, and not vice versa
  • Metals, plastics and glass are separated from the rest of the trash to be recycled or reused. Separation containers and information are provided and guests are encouraged to participate in the hostel’s recycling program
  • Too much light at night disturbs the natural rhythm of plant and animal life. Therefore, we use low-intensity, warm-light bulbs with eye-pleasing tones and the majority of the outdoor lights on the property are turned off at 10 pm. Additionally, guests are encouraged to turn off fans and lights when they exit their cabañas
  • Water at The Mudhouse Hostel is not heated nor chemically treated. By doing so, the use of chemicals are lessened and the use of electricity is reduced. Signs are placed in the bathrooms as reminders to use water in a non-wasteful manner. For drinking, guests are offered purified drinking water from reusable containers, from which they can refill their own water bottles
  • Heavy-duty reusable shopping bags are available for guests to borrow. For all other plastic bags, a container is provided and guests are encouraged to recycle clean, undamaged bags which the hostel will later reuse for trash collection.
  • We aim to use locally sourced ingredients as much as possible in the hostel

Our Location

nestled in a lush tropical rainforest joined to the sea


The Mudhouse Hostel, policía, Calle principal Las Mercedes frente UPC, Mompiche 080301, Ecuador

  • Mompiche is a small, authentic fishing village located in northern Ecuador´s lush coastal providence of Esmeraldas.
  • The main beach (three minutes from the hostel) is more than 7km long and has one of the most famous surf breakpoints in South America.
  • Mompiche is a bit off the beaten path so traveling here can be somewhat of an adventure, but rest assured, you will not be disappointed.
  • Surfing
  • Visiting the mangroves
  • Whale and turtle watching during season time
  • Visit Playa negra (black beach)
  • Visit Isla Portete
  • Visit the rainforest
  •  La chocolate Restaurant
  • Madre Selva Restaurant
  • Good Vibes Bar & Lounge




The Mudhouse Hostel