Archeo Café and Hostel

A charming convergence of history and hospitality in the heart of Istanbul

Inspiring People

Archeo Hostel is an embodiment of our passion for history, art, and travel

Each staff member at Archeo brings a unique flavor to the experience, making your stay not just memorable but also deeply personal.

  • Founded by Okan Sertoglu, an industrial engineer, Archeo Hostel is the embodiment of his passion for history, art, and travel. Drawing inspiration from his journeys, Okan envisioned a hostel that transcends conventional lodging, and uniquely resembles an archeological museum
  • Located in Tophane/Karakoy, Archeo invites you to experience hospitality through a lens of exploration and cultural immersion, where every corner tells a story, and each stay is a voyage through time
  • At the front desk, you’ll be greeted by Anvar, a passionate basketball and chess enthusiast from Turkmenistan, who envisions a world without borders
  • Bora, our receptionist hailing from Adana, is not just a lover of music and tattoos but also a deeply spiritual person
  • Zeynep, our talented barista from İstanbul, not only crafts the perfect brew but also aspires to be a nurse, driven by her love for nature and a vision for equal opportunities
  • Lastly, Maryam, our dedicated housekeeper from Ghana, dreams of becoming the best in her field as a future dentist, fueled by her love for reading
  • At Archeo Hostel, our diverse and passionate team is the heartbeat of our locally-managed hospitality.
  • At Archeo Hostel, we are committed to sustainability, striving to do business better for our guests and the environment
  • Manager Ahmet, alongside founder Okan, spearheads initiatives to enhance guest comfort and improve the hostel’s infrastructure
  • We prioritize eco-friendly practices, implementing energy-saving measures, waste reduction programs, and sourcing locally to support the community
  • Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond comfort—it’s a promise to leave a positive impact on both our guests and the planet.


Altered Host Member

An industrial engineer with a passion for history, art, and travel, Okan envisioned a hostel that transcends conventional lodging, but rather resembling an archeological museum. Archeo Hostel is the embodiment of Okan's inspiration from his journeys across the globe.

Incredible Place

We offer shared rooms designed for both comfort and camaraderie

  • Our shared rooms accommodate from four and six people
  • Each bed is equipped with curtains, ensuring a private haven for our guests
  • You’ll find thoughtful amenities, including a personal light, a socket, and a towel
  • For those seeking a more private space, double private rooms with their own bathrooms are also available
  • While breakfast is not included in the room price, we tantalize your taste buds with complimentary pasta dinners, fresh fruits, and occasional breakfast treats.
  • Our culinary concept revolves around locally sourced ingredients from nearby kiosks and farmers, ensuring a fresh and sustainable dining experience.
  • At Archeo, we believe in forging connections with our community, supporting local businesses, and creating a dining atmosphere that is both delightful and socially responsible.
  • At Archeo Hostel, we redefine hospitality with 24 open spaces for guests, each designed for comfort and productivity
  • Our high-speed internet makes us the ideal haven for remote workers and digital nomads seeking a seamless connection
  • To extend a warm welcome, we offer a complimentary drink to every guest upon arrival, setting the tone for a memorable stay
  • Our cozy lobby, adorned in an archeological theme, provides a unique and inviting atmosphere, ensuring that every detail, from the ambiance to the amenities, makes your experience at Archeo truly special
  • At Archeo Hostel, we go beyond accommodation to curate unforgettable experiences for our guests
  • Join our vibrant community during pub crawls, where we explore the local nightlife together
  • Embrace the camaraderie of game nights, filled with laughter and friendly competition. Immerse yourself in the magic of movie nights, sharing cinematic moments with fellow travelers
  • For those eager to explore local nature, culture, and heritage, we organize group trips and excursions, ensuring our guests delve into the heart of the destination
  • At Archeo, every experience is a celebration of community, culture, and connection

Impactful Planet

WE are deeply rooted in supporting our regional community and ecosystem.

We actively contribute to the welfare of street animals by providing food, acknowledging their presence as valued members of our community

  • In fostering educational growth, we extend accommodation and food to students engaging in part-time work exchanges, creating opportunities for learning and cultural exchange.
  • At Archeo, community support is not just a responsibility but an integral part of our ethos
  • During times of crisis, such as earthquakes, we open our doors to offer shelter, reflecting our commitment to collective well-being
  • At Archeo Hostel, we prioritize the well-being of both our staff and guests
  • Our commitment is reflected in providing insurance coverage for our dedicated team, ensuring their personal care and security

Our Location

Nestled at the doorstep of Istanbul's cultural treasures


Archeo Cafe and Hostel, Boğazkesen Cd. No:25 Hacımimi, Boğazkesen Cd. No:25, 34425 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Türkiye

  • Visit Istiklal Street for historical churches and Museums
  • Cross Bosphorus using an intercontinental ferryboat
  • Join the Pub Crawl with the Archeo Family and discover the nightlife of Istanbul
  • Galata Tower (10 min by foot)
  • Hagia Sofia (10min tram ride)
  • Modern Art Museum at Galataport
  • Mezbaa – to grab a beer and for Karaoke!
  • Doyum Mantı – for turkish traditional dumplings
  • Kasabım Ethane – for a delisious grill




Archeo Café and Hostel