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The Serene Acres Homestay by Muhaan

Harmony with nature, tranquility with tradition at Serene Acres

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Farmstay Guesthouse (B&B / Inn) Forest Mountain

Where Tranquility Meets Tradition in the Himalayas

At Serene Acres Homestay, guests can partake in a variety of unique on-site events and activities that offer an immersive experience into the local culture and natural surroundings. From guided village walks to river and forest hikes, bird-watching sessions to visits to the Sunday Haat (local market), there’s something for everyone to enjoy and explore. Additionally, guests have the opportunity to learn about local foraging and farming practices, gaining insight into the traditional methods of cultivation and sustenance in the area.


Serene Acres Homestay stands out with its emphasis on agricultural-based experiences, organic cultivation practices, and the preservation of indigenous knowledge about flora and fauna. The homestay, owned by the hospitable family of Francis, offers majestic views of the Himalayan range and fosters a serene atmosphere conducive to reconnecting with nature. Additionally, their commitment to passing down generational traditions while living harmoniously with the environment adds a unique charm to the experience.


The inspiration behind opening Serene Acres Homestay stemmed from a deep-rooted connection to the land and a desire to uplift the local community by promoting their art, lifestyle, and agricultural practices.

Mission & Vision

Serene Acres homestay is an agricultural-based farm promoting the upliftment of the local people, their art and lifestyle. Owned by the hospitable family of Francis, the farmstay has majestic views of the Himalayan range and is known for its serenity and calm. They have generation-old expertise in organic cultivation practices of crops, cardamom, mushrooms and medicinal plants. The homestay is built on generational land and continues to pass down the traditions and practices while living in harmony with nature.

The farmstay is built on generational land and continues to pass down the traditions and practices while living in harmony with nature.

Todey-Tangta are the last villages of the Kalimpong district at the border of Bhutan. This area is a melting pot of Bhutanese and Indian cultures, reflected in the food, culture and activities you can experience.

Food is traditionally foraged and farmed in the area and enjoyed according to the seasons. Local delicacies are made during special events based on seasonal and cultural calendars.


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A passionate team dedicated to preserving local traditions and uplifting the community



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A social enterprise founded by team of driven individuals, who are working to develop sustainable community tourism models in the remote villages

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Serene Acres Homestay aims to inspire guests through their hospitality by fostering a deep connection with nature, local traditions, and sustainable living practices. By immersing guests in the serene surroundings of the Himalayan range and offering experiences that highlight organic cultivation, indigenous knowledge, and harmonious coexistence with the environment, they hope to instill a sense of appreciation for the natural world and a desire to incorporate sustainable practices into their own lives. Through authentic interactions and shared experiences, Serene Acres Homestay seeks to inspire guests to adopt a more mindful and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

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Promoting organic cultivation practices, preserving indigenous knowledge, and living in harmony with nature



The surrounding forests have many flower & orchid species, birds & animals, and medicinal plants. These are cultivated, celebrated and shared about to ensure the Indigenous Knowledge is passed down to the next generations.


Our Location

A serene village of Todey-Tangta, located at the border of the Kalimpong district near Bhutan


The Serene Acres, Chisang, Today Tangta Khasmahal, West Bengal 734503