Mushroom Farm Eco-Lodge

a sustainable paradise where guests can reconnect with nature while promoting conservation and community development

Inspiring People

We are a community-based lodge, that empowers individuals through stable + fair paid employment opportunities

We inspire our guests by immersing them in our permaculture lifestyle during their stay.

  • We, Paul and Katlyn, came to Malawi as Peace Corps Volunteers in 2014. Embodying the foundation of sustainable travel and permaculture principles, we work directly with the community of Livingstonia
  • We work closely with  the local community to spread the vision of sustainable tourism
  • We provide equitable and sustaining salaries to our team of local staff
  • The Eco-Lodge is designed as a social enterprise and apart of the lodge’s profts goes to community projects in the area
  • There is a major focus on environmentally sustainable operations with the farm, composting, and low-waste principle
  • There is also a focus on social sustainability. Mushroom Farm has funded adult literacy groups, secondary school fees, and scholarships for students in Manchewe Village. We also organise nursey and feeding programs

Katlyn & Paul

Altered Host Member

Returned Peace Corp members, Katlyn and Paul have been living in Malawi since 2015. They always dreamt of starting an Eco-Lodge. In 2020, they took over Mushroom Farms from their previous owners and the rest is history.

Incredible Place

Experience one of the best views in Southern Africa.

The Mushroom Farm offers a variety of comfortable + affordable naturally-built chalets, funky canvas safari tents, and cliff-side campsites. All accommodations include linens, mosquito nets + full use of facilities.

  • Cob House- Made from natural building materials including subsoil, water + straw, the Cob House is our most private accommodation + everyones favorite. Inside, you will find one double bed + a bunk bed, perfect for a family of four or a couple looking for a romantic getaway
  • The Nook- Made completely of stone sourced from the mountain, The Nook offers some of the most breathtaking that Mushroom Farm has to offer. With a covered outdoor patio, you can spend your morning watching the sunrise over the valley below
  • Cliffside Cabin- This cozy wooden cabin, built on stone pillars nine feet off the ground, offers a charming + beautiful space. With three full walls of windows, this room has the best natural lighting for the traveler who likes to wake up with the sun
  • The A-Frame-  The room with a view! Made out of hardwood with an open lake-side wall, the A-frame is one of the original buildings on the farm + has a lot of character. Sit back in the comfy double bed, relax on the private cliffside deck + enjoy the morning sunrise over Lake Malawi
  • Vibasa House – Our Vibasa house is composed of almost 100% locally sourced + recycled materials. One of those materials is reed rolls, which means “Vibasa” in the Northern Malawian language Chitumbuka
  • Canvas Safari Tents- We have two safari tents, each with one double bed inside. With a reed roof and canvas overhead, candle-lit lighting + a private sitting area to appreciate the surrounding forest, these rooms are great for the budget backpacker looking for their own space
  • Forest Cabin- Nestled in among the trees, our Forest Cabin offers a more secluded stay away from our other accommodation options. This room includes a double bed, with a private deck to take in the scenery – great for the traveler who’d like to have a quiet space to themselves
  • Mini Dorm- Our mini dorm is perfect for a group of three looking to share a common space, or a single traveler hoping to make new friends. Made from a combination of bricks, wood + reed, this building is one of the original structures on the farm
  • Big Dorm- Our big dorm is a great place for our adventurous travelers looking to meet new people. Inside you will find five colorful bunk beds [sleeping ten people]. Connected to the dorm is an outdoor gathering space for travelers to relax + enjoy the surrounding nature 
  • Camping and Overlander Sites- Mushroom Farm offers a variety of campsites for travelers looking to pitch their tent or camp on the roof of their vehicle. All campsites are located on the cliffside, providing a great view of the sunrise over Lake Malawi
  • Our stunning cliffside restaurant offers a farm-to-table vegetarian menu + fully stocked bar. Our kitchen team utilizes seasonal + locally sourced ingredients, preparing every meal from scratch

We ofer multiple experiences for guests to explore around Mushroom Farm:

  • Chombe Plateau Day Hike
  • Manchewe Waterfall Day Hike
  • Historic Livingtonia Day Hike
  • 3-Day Trek to Nyika Plateau

Impactful Planet

Working together with nature is one of main our goals at the farm.

At Mushroom Farm we do our best to be intentional and thoughtful about our impact on the environment and local community. We are continuously educating ourselves on the improvements we can make.

  • We grow our own produce in our permaculture garden that is full of lush vegetables, medicinal plants, and herbs, as well as our natural ponds, fruit orchard, and green house
  • Since we purchased the land in 2015, our amazing gardeners [Sutulani, Esaya, Gift, and Lumbani] have been transforming the space into what it is today
  • We offer a free permagarden tour 3 times a week, led by the gardeners themselves
  • As part of seeking a permaculture lifestyle, the farm also keeps pigs and chickens. Our pigs are given kitchen scraps and leftover food from the restaurant, and in turn, we receive nitrogen-rich manure for our gardens. Our chickens are spoiled and are fed fresh salad twice a da
  • The Mushroom Farm is powered completely by the sun. We have 9 solar panels and 4 batteries that keep the music playing, the fridge working, the lights shining + the charging stations going
  • During the rainy season the beer might not be as freezing old, but we believe thats a small price to pay for clean electricity
  • The farm is extremely fortunate to have its own natural spring that supplies us throughout the year with clean drinking water that flows into the designated taps.
  • Even though our natural spring supplies us with plenty of water, we also use grey water filter practices to not waste any water
  • We have a grease filter connected to our kitchen sink which collects the grease and solid waste, and a similar filter for the shower and laundry area
  • The remaining grey water is then filtered through our two sand and reed bed filters. After the water is filtered, it is completely safe to use to water our flower gardens throughout the dry season.

Our Location

Located in the Northern Mountain Village of Manchewe, Offering Panoramic Views of Lake Malawi


Mushroom Farm Eco-Lodge, C46P+6Q Livingstonia, Malawi

  • Livingstonia offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and historical significance, making it a hidden gem in Malawi worth exploring.
  • You can reach Livingstonia by road from Mzuzu, or one can take a boat ride from one of the lakeside towns, such as Chilumba, to Chitimba and then hike up to Livingstonia
  • Manchewe Falls: This breathtaking waterfall is one of Livingstonia’s primary attractions
  • Kuwala Beach: A relaxing escape with beautiful views of the lake and the surrounding hills. It’s an ideal spot for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports
  • Chintheche: A fishing village is known for its vibrant culture and traditional dances
  • Livingstonia Plateau: This popular trekking destination offers stunning panoramic views of Lake Malawi and the surrounding landscape
  • Horseback Riding: One can also indulge in horseback excursions
  • Bridal Veil Falls: A great spot for picnicking and enjoying the natural beauty



Lake Malawi

Mushroom Farm and Eco-Lodge