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El Diablo y La Sandia - Boca del Monte

Two charmingly-restored guesthouses with the best breakfasts in all of Oaxaca. Welcome to your home in Boca del Monte.

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"Oaxaca: A Wonderland of Cheese, Corn, and Color"

Inspiring People

We showcase our love for our city's rich cultural heritage.

We try to hire as locally as possible and support the local women. We hire and train our staff to be as helpful and friendly as possible.

  • I was traveling on the coast of Jalisco when I was still living at my parent´s house and they were away for the weekend so I decided to invite every traveler I encountered over to my home in Guadalajara, filled up the rooms with cool people and made them breakfast in the morning. We had such an amazing time and I realized I wanted to do that all my life. That’s when I decided to go ahead with the idea of El Diablo
  • My mom (Ana) and I, with a beautiful team of friends, created the whole concept. Thanks to the amazing support of every one of them and their wonderful ideas, the B&B opened on the exact date as planned, December 31, 2010. 
  • We try to make the place feel as comforting and homely to our guests as possible. 
  • I (Maria) make sure to meet and spend time with each guest and recommend places or experiences in the city, if required
  • We also create our own products, such as homemade jams, our own brand of mezcal, as well as body lotions
  • We have a small in-house store where we sell them as well as some other local products


Altered Host Ambassador

A beloved host, passionate about hosting and connecting with people.

Incredible Place

Discover our enchanting houses.

  • We have 9 spacious rooms that are cozy and lovingly-decorated with traditional pieces
  • The rooms are equipped with all the modern amenities
  • They are perfect for families, couples or even solo travelers
  • We serve a delicious breakfast to our guests, using mainly local ingredients. We serve a main Oaxacan dish for breakfast.
  • Guests can also make use of El Diablo y la Sandia’s open kitchen to prepare their own meals or snacks.
  • When the weather is nice, breakfast is available on the charming terrace.
  • This colonial house was renovated in the 50s by an Oaxacan family. The house maintains its original adobe walls as well as its traditional tile floors.
  • Guests can expect stunning views of the patio from all rooms. There are several outdoor spaces and terraces for guests to relax and enjoy.
  • A communal space that includes a television and comfy couch, a long dining room table, and an open kitchen 
  • There’s a small store within the reception area that features locally-made items
  • The house is just two blocks from a popular street with lots of shops, restaurants and bars.
  • We tie up with some unique operators for some walking tours.
  • Depending on the guest’s interests, we can also connect them to some amazing creative workshops like traditional natural dyeing and weaving.
  • We are more than happy to guide our guests for things to do and see around El Diablo.

Impactful Planet

We are preserving our heritage to protect our surroundings.

We hope that our example of how to save resources on our daily basis will awake new responsibilities in our visitors.

  • We constantly strive to preserve and share our traditional Oaxacan culture with our guests. So, from preserving the traditional Oaxacan design of the house to our house decor, the food we serve, and the partners we collaborate with- we make sure to align everything we do to our core values.
  • We are constantly thinking about how we can improve our processes to help the environment around us. Simple things can make a big impact. For example, we provide a bucket for guests to collect the cold water whilst they’re waiting for the shower to heat up, so we can re-use the water for cleaning the floors.
  • We collaborate with locals and aim to reduce our carbon footprint. 
  • We want guests to learn about and experience the Oaxacan culture and hospitality.
  • We provide a hearty Mexican breakfast made with locally sourced ingredients.

Our Location

Directly in the heart of all Oaxaca has to offer.


C. de Los Libres 205, Ruta Independencia, Centro, 68000 Oaxaca de Juárez, Oax., Mexico

  • El Diablo y la Sandia Boca del Monte is located in the center of Oaxaca
  • Very  close to many bars and restaurants, and only three blocks away from Santo Domingo church.
  • Santo Dominigo Church
  • Natural Dyeing and Weaving Workshops
  • Textile Museums
  • Galleries with unique exhibitions
  • Local Market Tours
  • Guided Walking Tours
  • Cultural Tours
  • Terraza Istmo
  • El Tipico
  • Cabuche



Oaxaca de Juárez

BOCA del Monte

El Diablo y La Sandia - BOCA DEL MONTE