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Experience the Puerto Escondido lifestyle at Villa Bonobo

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We are a community-oriented co-living villa

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A co-living paradise in Puerto Escondido with satellite internet, ocean views, and a warm community.

Incredible Place

Coliving Cowork / Meet (Event Space / Conference Room) Beach

Experience the Puerto Escondido lifestyle at Villa Bonobo

We serve a delicious breakfast to kickstart your day of exploration and adventure. Our rooftop bar is open three to four times a week and is an amazing place to see the sunset, enjoy delicious mezcal and make new connections, it offers some of the best sunset views in all of Puerto Escondido, whether, for a lemonade, beer or a cold cocktail.


Our Starlink Satellite Internet makes sure you always have great reliable internet speeds of up to 150 MBPS. No slow internet woes when you stay with us. Our swimming pool is warm year round and always a great place to relax and unwind during your stay The house has a shared kitchen that is great for preparing meals. Each room has dedicated cupboard space for storage.


Our place is a sanctuary for those seeking community and connection. Born from my own journey through a challenging period of poor mental health, extended solo travels became my healing process. During my year and a half of solo exploration, I discovered a deep passion for the hospitality industry. The kindness and support I received as a guest inspired me to create a space where I could offer the same care to others.

Mission & Vision

What guests love most about Villa Bonobo is the community. Independently owned and personally operated, this is no chain hostel. Villa Bonobo is just the right size to experience the cozy camaraderie of a close-knit community, with the right mix of shared and private rooms, the comforts of a boutique hotel, and a plethora of engaging activities to help guests foster the kinds of friendships that last a lifetime.

Inspiring People

Good for Couples Good for Remote Work Social / Communal

We are a community-oriented co-living villa



Altered Host Member

Alicia, a native of Oaxaca, discovered her love for Puerto Escondido over a decade ago, prompting her move to the area. She initially managed Bonobo Surf House and later founded Villa Bonobo as an evolution of her original concept, designed to cater to the contemporary traveler. Villa Bonobo stands as her heartfelt endeavor to share her affection for Puerto to fellow adventurers.

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Spanish, English, German

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Mexico, Germany

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We are dedicated to ensuring everyone feels at home and can truly be themselves, fostering a welcoming environment that supports mental well-being.

Impactful Planet

We aim to preserve the Puerto Escondido ecosystem


Our love for Puerto Escondido moves us to do our bit (and more) to support the local environment and organisations.

Our Location

Home to Oaxaca's chillest surf town


Residencial Don Goyo, Calle Julio César MZ10, Cam. a la Cruz, 70934 Puerto Escondido, Oax., Mexico