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Nestled within the lush landscapes of East London, Purple Haze Eco-Lodge offers an immersive sanctuary where sustainability meets serenity.

Inspiring People

We stand out for our approach in harmonizing luxurious relaxation with environmental consciousness.

This idyllic retreat is devoid of the typical distractions found in urban accommodations, such as televisions, creating a sanctuary where the beauty and tranquility of nature take center stage.

  • Life happened and we ended up being lucky enough to find ourselves in this perfect little coastal village. We love people and decided to share our lovely village with as many people as possible
  • This gave rise to the idea of Purple Haze Eco Lodge, which opened in October 2017
  • As a quaint, family-run establishment, we take pride in offering a serene and intimate setting
  • While we do not host activities on-site, an array of exciting options awaits just a short drive awayโ€”within five minutes, to be precise. Guests can indulge in beach strolls, explore a tranquil lagoon, enjoy fishing, embark on nature drives, go quad-biking, experience whale watching, partake in horseback riding, and savor dining experiences among other activities
  • All these adventures are conveniently located, ensuring you have the perfect blend of peace at our lodge and adventure nearby
  • Purple Haze Eco Lodge stands as a beacon of environmental sustainability, seamlessly integrating eco-friendly practices into every facet of its operations
  • At the forefront of its approach is a strong emphasis on energy efficiency, with the lodge employing measures such as low-energy lighting and water conservation techniques. These include rainwater harvesting and the use of low-flow fixtures to minimize the lodge’s ecological footprint


Essential Host

Lourens or Loaf is the co-owner and manager at Purple Haze Eco Lodge on the Wild Coast of South Africa. They've been operating as one of the first 4:20-friendly lodges in South Africa since 2017.

Incredible Place

Our exceptional approach to guest experiences is what our guests love the most

  • The rooms are spacious with a king size bed
  • The view from the deck and the room is so breathtaking that we promise you won’t miss the TV
  • The rooms are made sure to be pristinely clean
  • The lodge also caters to the culinary preferences of its guests with options for breakfast delivery from a nearby Bistro, alongside access to a variety of local restaurants catering to all tastes and budgets, ensuring that dining becomes an exploration of local flavors and cuisines
  • Rooms include a balcony with stunning sea views and free WiFi
  • The rooms are fitted with a fridge, microwave, a kettle, a shower, free toiletries and a desk
  • Guest rooms have a private bathroom, a hairdryer and bed linen.
  • By seamlessly blending luxury, privacy, and a deep respect for the natural world, Purple Haze Eco Lodge offers a sanctuary where guests can disconnect from the mundane and reconnect with the earth’s inherent beauty and rhythms. This distinctive approach not only sets the lodge apart but also promises an immersive and rejuvenating experience for all who visit โ€‹โ€‹
  • The lodge’s commitment to an authentic natural experience is further emphasized by the complete darkness and silence at night, punctuated only by the soothing sounds of crashing waves and the occasional cry of a sea eagle, offering a profound connection to nature
  • Purple Haze Eco Lodge’s uniqueness is also mirrored in its thoughtful guest policies, which include an adult-only environment, ensuring a serene and uninterrupted stay. This adult-only policy, coupled with the lodge’s no-pet policy (except for the resident dog, Mojo), guarantees a tranquil atmosphere that caters exclusively to adult guests seeking a peaceful retreat.


Impactful Planet

We support multiple local, diverse, environmentally-conscious, and inclusive businesses.

Purple Haze Eco Lodge stands as a beacon of environmental sustainability, seamlessly integrating eco-friendly practices into every facet of its operations.

  • The lodgeโ€™s design and construction pay homage to the natural environment, utilizing sustainable materials and incorporating native plants into its landscaping. This not only minimizes water usage but also provides a sanctuary for local wildlife, blending the lodge’s presence into the surrounding ecosystem harmoniously

Beyond its premises, Purple Haze Eco Lodge actively contributes to local conservation projects, underscoring its commitment to not just preserving, but enhancing environmental awareness and biodiversity. Through these efforts, the lodge not only offers a retreat for those seeking solace in nature but also champions the cause of sustainable tourism and environmental stewardship.

  • Recognizing the importance of both guest privacy and quality time for staff with their families, the lodge does not service units on weekends unless specifically requested
  • This policy reflects a thoughtful balance between guest comfort and staff welfare, ensuring that both guests and staff enjoy their time to the fullest

Chintsa Dogs

Altered Neighbor

Chintsa Dogs is a non-profit organization providing free meals, medical treatment and sterilization of township animals.

Our Location

Nestled amidst the ocean and the forest on the wild coast of South Africa


Purple Haze Eco-Lodge, 570 Dolphin Dr, Chintsa, East London, 5275, South Africa

  • Chintsa is a coastal gem known for its pristine beaches and lush landscapes
  • Major airports serving the region include East London Airport, offering domestic flights, while international travelers can opt for flights to Port Elizabeth Airport
  • rom major towns like Johannesburg and Cape Town, travelers can reach Chintsa via flights to East London or Port Elizabeth, followed by road transport to their destination, enjoying scenic routes along the way
  • Picnic at Kwelera Botanical Gardens – Beautiful nature reserve next to the ocean
  • Long hikes down our endless, quiet beach, one of the best in South Africa
  • Game drives at Inkekwezi – supporting the local community
  • The Village Bistro: Renowned as the village’s culinary gem, The Village Bistro stands as the vibrant heart and soul of our community, welcoming all with its warm atmosphere
  • Just Fired: Offering a feast for the senses, Just Fired serves up exquisite dishes complemented by stunning views. The ambiance is further enriched by performances from local musicians, making every dining experience truly memorable
  • Crawford’s Beach Lodge: A cornerstone of our town, Crawford’s Beach Lodge boasts a rich history as one of our most venerable establishments. It is frequently chosen by government groups for accommodations and is a preferred venue for various training programs and seminars

South Africa

East London