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TIEEDI Forest Dwellings

Discover the "Take It Easy, Easy Does It" lifestyle on a regenerative garden in the Himalayan forests.

Inspiring People

We are A Passionate comunity working towards a more sustainable Planet

Our lovely staff made up of locals and volunteers are always prepared to give all necessary information for your visit.

  • We are an environment conservation organisation based out Darjeeling. We practice Permaculture which teaches us the art of working with Mother Nature.
  • We started the organisation in 2016 and our work currently revolves around experiential environment education, regenerative tourism, natural farming, decentralised waste management solutions, and sustainable land and building design consultation.
  • We mainly hire locally – a majority of the people working on-site are from in and around the region. We also train local youth in different eco-tourism vocations and trades like homestay, hiking, and guide service to help them earn a livelihood.
  • However, we also get a lot of guests who come back as volunteers so there are a lot of volunteers from around India and around the world who stay back to learn more about environmental regeneration.
  • Over the years we have hosted travelers from all corners of the world and we are humbled by the fact that they have rated us the No. 1 Speciality Lodging in Darjeeling on TripAdvisor.
  • We also provide volunteering options where people learn about permaculture while contributing in any one of our projects.


Altered Host Ally

An award-winning social entrepreneur with a passion for environment and sustainability in the Himalayas.​

Incredible Place

Enchanting, handmade, and natural abodes.

  • TIEEDI Air Dwelling was conceived as a dwelling floating in the air, projected out amongst the trees and amidst the floating clouds and the fleeting birds. Just like our first natural building, Air Dwelling has also been handcrafted by our local artisans while working with architects, engineers, and volunteers from around the world.
  • TIEEDI Earth Dwelling is an abode that is nestled beside a gurgling mountain brook. It is a simple, minimalistic accommodation that provides you a solace in the forest. Perfect for spending some time for contemplation and reconnecting to Mother Nature or spending some quality time with your partner amidst the raw beauty of the forest.
  • TIEEDI Forest Dwelling is our shoutout to travelers seeking minimalist accommodation, great conversations, scrumptious organic meals and a cultural exchange in a permaculture forest garden. This accommodation is suitable for single travelers or a group of friends looking to spend some quality time cocooned in the bosom of the forest.
  • We offer meals made of locally sourced food and vegetables or grown here at TIEEDI. It is made lovingly in our kitchens by our staff and volunteers.
  • If you’re looking to go on hikes and seek adventures in the mountains or want to indulge in some forest bathing and introspective time, in and around TIEEDI is a great place for some inner and outer explorations.
  • We organize a TIEEDI forest tour and take you through different parts of the forest: from learning about indigenous species to permaculture principles, regenerative living- it’s an insightful tour.
  • Volunteers often organise tours amongst themselves to different parts of Darjeeling. We are more than happy to guide to some amazing local spots and might even join you:)

Impactful Planet

We are a community-led initiative that strongly supports youth engagement.

We are extremely passionate about environmental sustainability- everything we do at TIEEDI is guided by that core value

  • Everything we do at TIEEDI is a step towards a more environment friendly planet.
  • In the fight against climate crisis and plastic pollution, we aspire to be the frontline warriors looking to actively provide individual and institutional solutions to most of the problems that we see around us today.
  • We try to follow a zero waste policy in the property. The accomodations are designed to produce no plastic waste
  • We also have a zero waste store on-site for guests to learn more
  • We constantly organise workshops at TIEEDI and outside to spread awareness about plastic waste and the alternatives
  • The TIEEDI property is on a regenerated forest that used to be a landfill. We work hard to constantly improve conditions for regeneration while preserving native species
  • We follow permaculture principles and grow some of our own food
  • The permaculture principles are our guide not just for food farming but for everything we do at TIEEDI- for example, we are constantly experimenting with ways to improve how we manage our resources. We are building low-water wastage toilets; we have animals to balance out food waste to turn into manure, etc
  • Darjeeling is a hill station which faces a lot of pressure from tourism without having any adequate facilities to manage it. For example, Darjeeling has no waste management centre and most of the waste is dumped into streams or on the side of the road
  • Besides spreading awareness about the waste management, we are also working towards building a waste management center to process the high amount of waste the town generates

Zero Waste Andolan

Altered Neighbor

A movement to combat the plastic pollution crisis in the mountains through cleanup drives, awareness campaigns, and waste management projects.

Our Location

nestled amidst the lush Himalayan forests of Darjeeling


TIEEDI Forest Garden, 8 Mile Gorabari, Darjeeling 734209 India


West Bengal


TIEEDI Forest Dwellings