South Africa

Eastern Province


Wild Fox Hill

A magical off-grid retreat nestled in the Hogsback mountains

Inspiring People

We inspire people through the beauty of nature around us.

We inspire and empower people to become a beneficial presence for the earth. By living an off the grid lifestyle we show people how possible and wonderful it is to live this way.

  • I bought the land cheaply when I was 21 with little inheritance money. People thought I was crazy as the land was infested with alien vegetation, I had no money, no means to get here, and no idea where I would be in 5-10 years. However, it ended up being one of the best decisions of my life. My parents, who were initially very much against the idea, have since become some of my best supporters, and my mum has provided much-needed financial assistance where needed
  • Countless friends have, over the years, offered their various services to help create the thriving space that Wild Fox Hill is today
  • I am currently part of an inspired community based in Virginia whose vision is to support people around the world to build communities that allow life to thrive
  • I have 3 wonderful staff, Cindi, Cimpiwe and Jackson who are local people who live maximum 10 kilometres away

  • I look for people that are hardworking, honest, able to take initiative and that I have a good rapport with

  • We are completely off the grid (water and power)
  • Guests are encouraged to put their organic waste in separate containers.
  • We heat water for guests hot showers and baths through the abundance of local wood – rather than burn the stacks of brush.
  • We recycle glass bottles.


Altered Host Member

An environmental educator, researcher by profession, Helen bought this piece of land when she was 21 years old. Since then she has inspired and empowered people to become a beneficial presence for the earth. By living an off the grid lifestyle she aims to show people the wonderful possibilities available

We are perfectly situated to experience exquisite mountain views

Incredible Place

  • Eco Fox Den – You book the unit as a whole. It has two bedrooms and a day bed in the lounge
  • Eco Cabin – You book the unit as a whole. It has 3 bedrooms and a sleeper couch in the lounge
  • Each campsite is a large and private site surround by trees. They have raised grassy terraces, a place to cook food (e.g.bonfire pit), a tap for drinking water and herb gardens.
  • We offer creamy fresh locally produced milk, rooster brood, home cooked meals on certain days and breakfast if requested
  • Home cooked meals are made from local ingredients and venison meat (if not a vegetarian dish)
  • We hope to produce many of the vegetables in the near future
  • The eco Fix Den and Eco Cabin each have a self catering kitchen and lounge area. The Fox Den has a bath with a view
  • The Fox Den has a day bed in the Bay window that people love to relax on while watching nature move outside
  • There is a large trampoline for anyone to enjoy
  • There is a beautiful waterfall on the land and we have created a picnic spot o a grassy terrace above a stream
  • There are bonfire pits, an outside bath and shower area, and decks and verandas to enjoy the beautiful mountain views
  • An earthern gallery is currently being built on the land and will house exquisite pictures of the Hogsgack area
  • We are currently developing a programme that will invite guests to enjoy a range of experiences that will connect them deeper to themselves, people in their group and the earth
  • We are adopting two long female donkeys who will become part of the family at Wild Fox Hill. We aim to offer children donkey cart rides and adults overnight hikes with donkeys (who will carry their bags)

Impactful Planet

Our mission reads - 'Earth Aligned Practices in place'

We took a decision to be completely off grid, where we rely on the sun to power our home and accommodation and the rain for water.

  • We plant indigenous plants and try and mimic the local ecosystems. We are a founder and leader on ARI (Amatola Regenerative Institute), which focuses on protecting the precious and diverse ecosystems in the area
  • We are establishing an Earth Wisdom School that supports children, scholars and people of faith to be inspired and empowered to be a beneficial presence for the earth
  • We are setting up a research hub here at Wild Fox Hill where university students can come and contribute to filling in the necessary knowledge gaps to help our community become increasingly socially-ecological resilient
  • We minimise our carbon emissions by being completely off the grid and choosing not to unnecessarily burn our slash but rather use it to heat up the donkey boilers
  • We are establishing an Earth Wisdom School where people from all over the world can come and be inspired and empowered to be a beneficial presence for the Earth
  • Wild Fox Hill is located in a very beautiful, nature filled and quite part of the world that gives people the opportunity to enjoy deep sleeps, rest, reflection and rejuvenation. The drinking water is delicious and healthy and guests can enjoy a selection of herbs, free range eggs and berries in season. We also show guests some of the wild plants they can eat
  • We are currently designing a programme that will invite guests on a journey of deeper self reflection and encouragement

Our Location

panoramic views of Hogsback with lush forests and rolling hills


Wild Fox Hill, Plajieskraal road, Plajieskraal, Hogsback, 5721

  • Visit the Arboretum – a +100 year old garden with a variety of amazing tree species, streams, bridges, waterfalls and is on the edge of indigenous forest
  • Visit the waterfall on the land here
  • Go to the Local Saturday market
  • Hike up to Tor Doone and see the amazing views
  • The secret waterfall and sacred sunset spot
  • Tyumie falls hike filled with waterfalls and rock pools
  • The Big Tree/ Maddona and Child waterfall hike
  • The Edge
  • Red Clay Cafe
  • The Local
  • Touraco Table

South Africa

Eastern Province


Wild Fox Hill