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Birmingham Tree House

A whimsical residence where rustic elegance meets Southern charm

Inspiring People

Our magical space is a community hub. where we host a wide range of events and gatherings.

We inspire our guests to discover their own creative potential. With colors and artistic expression, the owner hopes to instill a sense of wonder and play for all guests.

  • I am a solo founder and had a dream of a magical yoga house for many years. I work along side my best friend, Natalie who operates her mental heath therapy office out of Tree House


Altered Host Member

A yogi at heart, Renny is creative, artistic, and passionate about traveling and exploring. She had a vision for Tree House years ago, and it never left her mind. She had dreamt of a magical yoga hotel but wasn't ready to pursue it. She brought that dream to life with Birmingham Tree House in 2020

Incredible Place

Discover the hidden gem of the south east, with its rich history and culture

  • Each guest room has artistic detail and a unique theme connected with yoga. There are elemental rooms- Air, Earth, and Water, Yin Yang, Zen Den and Love Shack offer a queen bed and a single bed.
  • The owners room that is occasionally rented out is the Poet’s Corner.
  • There are snacks out for guests and a continental breakfast of bagels, muffins, and yogurt.
  • We offer multiple co-working and lounge spaces in the hopes that guests will feel right at home.
  • We always try to include a personalized welcome note.
  • We have furry onesies in each guest room for guests to play dress up and stay warm!
  • We offer yoga classes and other workshops weekly.
  • There are plenty of hiking trails, including Vulcan, in our backyard!

Impactful Planet

  • We try to have a positive impact on the planet by celebrating each individual guest and their unique strengths. This is a space of inspiration and we hope guests will leave with a drive to go out and make the world a more magical place.


Our Location

Peaceful Haven Perched amid the enchanting woodlands of Alabama


BIRMINGHAM TREE HOUSE, 1309 19th street south Birmingham, AL 35205

  • Yoga at TreeHouse
  • Walk the historic neighborhood
  • Visit the local breweries
  • Railroad Park
  • Vulcan
  • Avondale
  • Golden Temple
  • Bayleaf Indian
  • Trim Tab Brewery

United States



Birmingham Treehouse